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2-10 Victoria Street East
Lidcombe, NSW, 2141

0410 000 112

Family-owned and operated, Flowers on East is conveniently located in Lidcombe-Rookwood so that we can deliver your flowers fresh and fast.

With over 30 years combined experience we know fresh and beautiful flowers and arrangements for any occasion. We look forward to providing you a way to express your feelings to those you hold dear.


Us and Our Products

Learn more about how we only use the freshest flowers sourced direct from the growers we bring you...

Fresh Flowers First

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At Flowers On East, we use only the best blooms in our floral arrangements. Our expert team always look to source quality Australian grown produce.

We source the majority of our flowers from local farmers, ensuring only the highest standard in quality. We receive fresh flowers daily, direct from farms all over New South Wales & Australia. 

Some of our produce is imported as not all flowers flourish in our Australian climate. With this in mind, our priority is to buy local & support Australian Farmers.

To compliment our beautiful flowers, we have a dedicated team of qualified Florists. With over 32 years experience in the flower industry, flowers are our forte.

The combination of experience and local grown produce enable us to provide you with an exceptional standard in floral design.


Earth-Friendly Practices

At Flowers On East we LOVE flowers!

Blooms need a clean environment to thrive and survive. We uphold an environmentally friendly attitude in all aspects of our work.

All of our card board and paper waste is recycled to be reused weekly.

Our flowers are not preserved with the use of harsh chemicals, we simply restock fresh flowers daily.

We also encourage the use of natural flower food to prolong vase life, which is expected to be anywhere between 3-14 days for most bloom varieties.

For any questions on flower varieties and vase life please ask! We are always happy to help our blooms thrive so you enjoy them in all their bloomin' glory!

The Earth laughs in flowers!



Flowers Speak Louder

The most beautiful way to communicate is by saying it through flowers. 

Flowers have a variety of meanings for different cultures and occasions.

A very common and well known example is the red Rose, which is a very traditional symbol communicating love and commitment.

Blooms are the perfect way to express exactly what your trying to say!

Our dedicated team of floral designers are trained in bloom communication. If it is love your trying to convey, wanting to express your deepest sympathy or simply just to say thank you, flowers whisper what words can not say.

Contact us on 0410 000 112 to speak to one of our flower specialists and let our flowers do the talking.


Giving Back

Flowers On East proudly supports The Cancer Council - Daffodil Day fundraiser.

The sad fact is that chances are, we all know someone affected by cancer.

In Australia today, there are more than 1.1 million people either living with cancer or who’ve survived a diagnosis. 

On Daffodil Day Friday 25 August 2017, Flowers On East donated $1 from every purchase to this worthy cause. In total, we have raised $414 to date with the help of our generous and amazing customers!

A recognised symbol of hope, buying a bunch of bright Daffodil's is the perfect choice to kick Cancer!

You can support this cause by donating in store or by visiting the link below: